Best Books for Crystal Meanings and Uses


When working with crystals, it is beneficial to have some books with crystal meanings and uses in your personal library.

Here are a few of my favorites that have been very useful over the years.


1) The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall - For those who are looking to work with crystals, this book is a great resource to add to your library as it contains information on over 200 crystals.  If you are just starting your journey in learning how to work with crystal energy, this book covers the most common crystals that you would find in a crystal shop along with several stones that are not as common.  Learn about what each crystals attributes are, their healing properties, colors, rarity, and origins.  

In addition to the crystal directory in this book, there are a few reference sections including crystal shape meanings and uses, crystals affinities for each zodiac sign, crystal grids, crystals for the chakras, and crystals for the aura.  There is also a small section on how to make crystal elixirs, how to care for your crystals, and how to use crystals in meditation.  If you could only purchase one crystal book, this would be the one I would recommend first.  But this book is not just for beginners, it is an excellent reference you will find yourself reaching for again and again, as you continue your journey with crystals.


2) The Crystal Bible 2 by Judy Hall - If you have been working with crystal energies for a while and want to experiment with less common and more rare crystals, then I do recommend picking up the Crystal Bible 2.  This book covers an additional 200 crystals with a heavy focus on multiple varieties of quartz (fairy quartz, lemurian seed quartz, and kundalini quartz, just to name a few).  But if quartz isn't your thing, don't let that deter you, as there are still many, many other crystals in this book to learn about and work with.  The reference guides include crystal vibrations, how to use crystals for protection, how to cleanse and activate your crystals, and crystal medicine wheels.  


Judy Hall's Crystal Bible Series focuses more on using crystals to heal the body, mind, and soul, but if you are looking to perform a little crystal magic or spell work, then I recommend checking out the next book.


3) Crystal Magic by Sandra Kynes - This book somewhat different than the Crystal Bible Series because it is a great resource for using crystals in magic and spell work. This book has a crystal directory that gives a brief history of each crystal in the book, its attributes, how to use it in magic work, and the elements the crystal is associated with along with astrological influences.  In addition, there are chapters on the science of crystals which includes crystal structures, special characteristics, and synthetic stones. You will learn how to select crystals and prepare them for use, crystal magical associations based on their color, crystal grids, and more. At the end of the book is an appendix for magical correspondences and Deities. 

There are many great crystal books out there, but these three are the ones I find myself going back to over and over again as I continue to deepen my connection with crystals and stones.


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