Fluorite Crystal Meaning and Uses



If you have not added the beautiful crystal known as Fluorite to your collection, then you are missing out on its many beneficial properties.  Not only does fluorite help with things mundane, it also can assist on your spiritual journey.

Fluorite is a stone of mind, and helps increase focus, analysis, and general mental power.  It strengthens will power, self discipline, and increases motivation.  This makes it an excellent tool to keep at your desk while studying or working on a project. It has calming energy that aids in emotional and spiritual healing and helps us release things that we no longer need in our lives.  It aids in all forms of communication.

Spiritually, fluorite helps to fine tune intuition, and aids in divination, dreamwork, and astral travel.  It boosts the affects of other stones and helps to remove energy  blocks.  It is highly protective on a psychic level and cleanses the aura and chakras.  Due to its powerful ability to absorb negative energies, fluorite should be cleansed often.

Which color of fluorite should you work with?

You may not know which color of fluorite you should work with, but when deciding, it is best to choose by the attributes that you feel most drawn to.  When reading the descriptions below, which energies do you feel you need in your life or which ones do want to work with?  The ones that stand out to you are usually the energies that you would benefit most in working with.

Blue Fluorite: Enhances creativity and communication, it calms and revitalizes at the same time.  It can invoke spiritual awakening.

Clear Fluorite: Stimulates the crown chakra, aligns all chakras and energizes the aura.

Green Fluorite: Grounds energy, healing for emotional trauma, absorbs negative energies.  It assists in accessing your intuition.

Yellow Fluorite: Enhances creativity and supports intellectual activities.

Purple Fluorite: Stimulates the third eye and psychic communication; excellent for meditation. 

Brown Fluorite: Balance, concentration, grounding, protection and stability.

Rainbow Fluorite: Holds all the attributes of the colors within the stone.