Welcome to The Manifesting Witch

What started as a small side hustle to make ends meet has grown into a dream I didn't even realize was mine.  They say, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life, and The Manifesting Witch has been a labor of love for the last nine months.  We started on Etsy, selling crystals and small witchy items, but have known for a while that we would soon outgrow the platform.  We wanted to offer so much more to you all, and knew the next steps would be creating this beautiful website as the next phase of our journey.

Not only is The Manifesting Witch a place where you can buy beautiful high energy crystals and witchy supplies, but it's also a state of mind.  Its the belief that you can manifest the life you want into reality.  Its taking small steps towards your dreams daily and staying focused.  It's being consistent and staying true to yourself and those dreams, even when it feels like you are getting no where.  Its the belief that you can manifest the life you want and the key ingredient is believing in yourself and knowing that it is already yours. 

The Manifesting Witch website was created to still offer you the beautiful high quality items that we offer on Etsy, but also, to bring you content to help you live your best witchy life.  Content like manifesting with the moon, creating rituals to bring in prosperity and remove obstacles, divination tips, spell work and much more.. so welcome, and please stick around for a bit.